Character Education

Integritas in Omnibus - Integrity in All Things

This is our school motto. At Canterbury School, 正规的网赌软件推荐认识到学生智力的要素, 道德发展和社会发展是密不可分的. 这就是为什么正规的网赌软件推荐努力创造一个环境,通过尊重自己和他人来支持这样的成长, 在高标准和高期望的环境中学习和工作的合作态度.

在学术课程中有智力成长的机会. 学习是一个远远超出课堂的过程, 最持久的教学方式就是以身作则. As a community, we recognize daily opportunities for promoting, and modeling, ethical choices and appropriate behavior. Daily Chapel, community service efforts, 宗教课程只是促进品格教育的几个项目.

Through these programs, we strive to create an atmosphere of trust, honesty and mutual respect among students, teachers and parents. These qualities will, in turn, 促进学术成长和道德力量及自律的发展,使学生成为积极向上的人, lifelong contributors to society.

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